Wellbeing at the Workplace

Wellbeing at the workplace is as important as at any other place. Indeed it is very unfortunate that people do not realise and recognise this. This depends on several factors, such as lifestyle, family & their health, finance and leisure time.

The most common term that is used at workplaces is ‘stress’. This stress can be due to so many factors  and most of the time, it is not left at the workplace at the end of the day, like it should be. It is taken home, to parties, meetups and everywhere. And within a few minutes, we can see the impact of this on everyone.

How many of us realise and recognise that we are experiencing work related stress. Yes, we have read and heard so many experts saying ‘don’t carry work home’. Is this really applicable to all of us, especially now where most of us are working from home (WFH)?

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as opening one room door and closing another. Stress levels at workplaces, although they do vary, are usually rather high and if you work from home, you may be unintentionally dumping this stress on your friends and family. Furthermore, if one is unable recognise severe stress symptoms, this could lead to more serious problems like anxiety, depression, anger issues and so forth.

The organisations with these types of problems would benefit if they start focusing on related psychological health policies, communication, creating awareness, and providing some self-help tools to deal with them. It is important that staff and colleagues feel comfortable asking for help.