Domestic Abuse: Shame, Silence & Seclusion

Little is known about victims of abuse and violence, as it is hard for them to break their silence and tell their family, friends, neighbors  and colleagues. 

They fear the interactional and emotional process associated with the first disclosure of the incident. Common fears include shame and threats made by the abuser, and so, they continue to remain silent and seclude themselves from friends, family and society. This feeling of loneliness and helplessness is so overwhelming that they do not want to seek help. This makes them even more vulnerable for the perpetrator to take advantage of them. This behavior can create dangerous situations for the victim and their children, until they realise that they must take care of themselves and seek help.

Join our next Third Thursday Talk on 19 Aug 2021 to find out the behavior of the victim by RR Manjari, Resident Psychologist from Gleneagles Hospital. 


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Aug 19 2021


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