Are you a victim of Impostor Syndrome?20211118063516

Are you a victim of Impostor Syndrome?

annNovember 18, 20210 comments
By Gladys Ooi Jia Ying   Do you feel that you don’t deserve praises for your achievement? Feel like a […]...
Eliminate Negative Thoughts by Physically Throwing Them Away20211117062541

Eliminate Negative Thoughts by Physically Throwing Them Away

michael.mNovember 17, 2021, , 0 comments
Often we find ourselves alone with our thoughts. When faced with bad memories, it fuels emotions of negativity and depression. […]...
Post Pandemic Fatigue20211116025436

Post Pandemic Fatigue

michael.mNovember 16, 2021, , , 0 comments
By Subashini Rajasuriah The world is gradually regaining some semblance of normalcy and people are psyched to dive back into […]...
Social Awkwardness & Anxiety20211115082935

Social Awkwardness & Anxiety

annNovember 15, 20210 comments
By Gan Ling Lin   How do you know if you are socially awkward or if you have social anxiety? […]...
Jadilah Penyelamat20211115020953

Jadilah Penyelamat

annNovember 15, 20210 comments
Kebiasaannya, individu yang berhadapan dengan penyakit mental memberikan kesan tertentu kepada persekitaranya. Selain perlu menghadapi pelbagai gejala...


annNovember 15, 20210 comments