Childhood Trauma & How to Heal From It20210920010122

Childhood Trauma & How to Heal From It

annSeptember 20, 20210 comments
By Chong Saow Ching & Janani Ramu (BAC Apprentices)    What is childhood trauma?  Even though parents and guardians do all they can ...
Suicide Prevention: You Are Not Alone20210910033349

Suicide Prevention: You Are Not Alone

annSeptember 10, 20210 comments
By Wong Kit Ei & Soniapreet Kaur (BAC Apprentices)   Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. 10th September has been observed since 2003, ...
Love Yourself: Self-Care Tips20210907095039

Love Yourself: Self-Care Tips

annSeptember 7, 20210 comments
By Debbie Peh Sue Min (BAC Apprentice)   “Are you okay?”  This is a question we get asked from time to time, sometimes as a mere pleasant...
Behind Teen Depression: The Warning Signs20210828040217

Behind Teen Depression: The Warning Signs

sdteam sdteamAugust 28, 20210 comments
Prolonged unhappiness.  Sudden outbursts of anger.  Unexplainable irritability and frustration.  Feelings of sadness, emptiness, and hopelessn...
Symptoms of Depression20210826014245

Symptoms of Depression

sdteam sdteamAugust 26, 20210 comments
The term depression refers to a mood disorder that invokes persistent feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and a loss of interest in most things. Depres...
Detecting and Treating Depression in Primary Care20210817093654

Detecting and Treating Depression in Primary Care

On the 5th of August 2021, the ReachOut initiative hosted an online event to discuss Detecting and Treating Depression in Primary Care. The emcee of t...
Mental Health in Asia20210817012425

Mental Health in Asia

sdteam sdteamAugust 17, 2021, 0 comments
There appears to be a stigma around mental health in Asian cultures. Mental health issues and diagnoses are often not taken seriously in Asian communi...
Panic Attacks Are Real20210809013358

Panic Attacks Are Real

sdteam sdteamAugust 9, 20210 comments
Panic attacks are more common than most people think. Unfortunately, it is not widely discussed and spotlighted, especially in Malaysia. Contrary to s...
Depresi: Ini Kisah Saya20210730083037

Depresi: Ini Kisah Saya

sdteam sdteamJuly 30, 20210 comments
Saya berumur 26 tahun, dan saya telah bergelut dengan masalah ini lebih dari 3 tahun. Tidak ramai yang ingin mengungkit atau bercakap mengenai isu kem...
Saya dan Kesihatan Mental20210729041809

Saya dan Kesihatan Mental

sdteam sdteamJuly 29, 20210 comments
Kesihatan mental dan fizikal adalah sama penting. Rawatan diperlukan sekiranya berlaku kecederaan atau kesakitan. Misalnya, apabila seseorang demam at...