Be The Helping Hand20211007085305

Be The Helping Hand

annOctober 7, 20210 comments
By Joyce Hii Yi Hui (BAC Apprentice)    People who suffer from mental illness often struggle a double-edged sword battle. Besides suffering [&...
Workplace Anxiety20211006091904

Workplace Anxiety

October 6, 20210 comments
By Janani S Ramu and Chia En (BAC Apprentices)   Did you know that stress can actually be beneficial in […]...
Tips on How to Stop Questioning Your Existence in Today’s Fast-Paced World20211005065156

Tips on How to Stop Questioning Your Existence in Today’s Fast-Paced World

By Shabina Balachandran (Student, Brickfields Asia College)   I bet sometimes you wish you could freeze time, just so you […]...
Social Discrimination On Mental Health20210929091814

Social Discrimination On Mental Health

annSeptember 29, 20210 comments
By John Bong & Mak Iyan Han (BAC Apprentices)   Often, the news and social media have been advocating against discrimination of race, e...
Mental Health: An Introvert’s Perspective20210924041850

Mental Health: An Introvert’s Perspective

annSeptember 24, 20210 comments
By Joshua Mooy Chi Mun (BAC Apprentice)   An uninvited guest visited Malaysia in early 2020, and is currently overstaying. Our then Prime [&he...
Social Media & Mental Health20210922084721

Social Media & Mental Health

annSeptember 22, 20210 comments
By Then Jin Siong & Tee Chia En (BAC Apprentices)    We live in a modern age where the internet allows us to do practically everything...
Peer Pressure & Its Effects On Mental Health20210921091554

Peer Pressure & Its Effects On Mental Health

September 21, 20210 comments
  By Danish Egamparan (BAC Apprentice)   When we were young, we always had guidance. Whether it was our parents, […]...
Childhood Trauma & How to Heal From It20210920010122

Childhood Trauma & How to Heal From It

annSeptember 20, 20210 comments
By Chong Saow Ching & Janani Ramu (BAC Apprentices)    What is childhood trauma?  Even though parents and guardians do all they can ...
Suicide Prevention: You Are Not Alone20210910033349

Suicide Prevention: You Are Not Alone

annSeptember 10, 20210 comments
By Wong Kit Ei & Soniapreet Kaur (BAC Apprentices)   Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. 10th September has been observed since 2003, ...
Love Yourself: Self-Care Tips20210907095039

Love Yourself: Self-Care Tips

annSeptember 7, 20210 comments
By Debbie Peh Sue Min (BAC Apprentice)   “Are you okay?”  This is a question we get asked from time to time, […]...