Kisah Seorang ‘Survivor’20210727034826

Kisah Seorang ‘Survivor’

sdteam sdteamJuly 27, 20210 comments
Saya seorang penyelidik data yang sudah bekerja selama 12 tahun di sebuah syarikat. 3 tahun lalu, majikan telah melantik ramai […]...
A Survivor’s Story20210726130457

A Survivor’s Story

mithilaJuly 26, 20210 comments
I am a data researcher and I worked in a company for 12 years. 3 years ago my boss hired […]...
Wellbeing at the Workplace20210726124238

Wellbeing at the Workplace

mithilaJuly 26, 20210 comments
Wellbeing at the workplace is as important as at any other place. Indeed it is very unfortunate that people do […]...
Mental Health and I20210726123050

Mental Health and I

mithilaJuly 26, 20210 comments
Mental health is as real as our physical health. When we catch a cold, have high fevers or suffer from […]...
My Story20210726100525

My Story

mithilaJuly 26, 20210 comments
People don’t talk about depression and that makes it very difficult to ask for help. I knew I wasn’t like […]...