Sexual Assault & Mental Health20211014034728

Sexual Assault & Mental Health

annOctober 14, 20210 comments
By John Bong & Mak Iyan Han (BAC Apprentices)    What is sexual assault?  Sexual assault has been an unforgivable and abhorrent crime since ...
There’s Nothing Wrong with Being Depressed20211013081904

There’s Nothing Wrong with Being Depressed

haarshiniOctober 13, 20210 comments
By Teh Yenni (BAC Apprentice)   The traumatising ordeals brought on by the pandemic has certainly taught us all one common lesson: taking care of...
Stuck In The Middle: Are You Languishing?20211008083535

Stuck In The Middle: Are You Languishing?

annOctober 8, 20210 comments
By Tee Jae Ei  (BAC Apprentice)   “I’m living my life, but I’m not excited about it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for what I have...
Be The Helping Hand20211007085305

Be The Helping Hand

annOctober 7, 20210 comments
By Joyce Hii Yi Hui (BAC Apprentice)    People who suffer from mental illness often struggle a double-edged sword battle. Besides suffering fr...
Workplace Anxiety20211006091904

Workplace Anxiety

haarshiniOctober 6, 20210 comments
By Janani S Ramu and Chia En (BAC Apprentices)   Did you know that stress can actually be beneficial in short bursts? This is because it helps yo...
Tips on How to Stop Questioning Your Existence in Today’s Fast-Paced World20211005065156

Tips on How to Stop Questioning Your Existence in Today’s Fast-Paced World

By Shabina Balachandran (Student, Brickfields Asia College)   I bet sometimes you wish you could freeze time, just so you can take a breather and...
Social Discrimination On Mental Health20210929091814

Social Discrimination On Mental Health

annSeptember 29, 20210 comments
By John Bong & Mak Iyan Han (BAC Apprentices)   Often, the news and social media have been advocating against discrimination of race, e...
Mental Health: An Introvert’s Perspective20210924041850

Mental Health: An Introvert’s Perspective

annSeptember 24, 20210 comments
By Joshua Mooy Chi Mun (BAC Apprentice)   An uninvited guest visited Malaysia in early 2020, and is currently overstaying. Our then Prime Mini...
Social Media & Mental Health20210922084721

Social Media & Mental Health

annSeptember 22, 20210 comments
By Then Jin Siong & Tee Chia En (BAC Apprentices)    We live in a modern age where the internet allows us to do practically everything...
Peer Pressure & Its Effects On Mental Health20210921091554

Peer Pressure & Its Effects On Mental Health

haarshiniSeptember 21, 20210 comments
  By Danish Egamparan (BAC Apprentice)   When we were young, we always had guidance. Whether it was our parents, grandparents, or other elde...